During formation of Multipilar Energi, we made the choice to rely on professional consultants to enhance the independence of our service and to ensure that our service was the best available. Certainly, Multipilar Energi has a core of employee engineers and consultants, but we believe that if our service is to be better and broader than any other available, we should rely too on professional, independent consultants.

We have an outstanding team of local engineers and consultants who will handle much of the daily service demand, but our local team will be augmented by an outstanding team of highly experienced and knowledgeable international, independent consultants who have an in-depth understanding about a wide range of industries.
Our professional, local team and independent consultant team consists of the following:

  • M. Khoirun as President Director & Survey Technical Advisor
  • Sudarno HS as Operational Director & Senior Risk Engineer
  • Steve Huntley as Senior Risk Engineer
  • Iqro Glentar as Senior Risk Engineer
  • Achmad Nurjaman as Senior Drilling Engineer
  • Hendra Susanto as Senior Drilling Engineer
  • Taufiq Zakaria as Senior Drilling Engineer
  • Rahmawan DW as Senior Drilling Engineer
  • Muhammad Nurzein as Senior Drilling Engineer
  • Martin Ricad as Risk Engineer &  Drilling Engineer
  • Taufik Ramdan as Risk Engineer &  Drilling Engineer
  • Michael J Chick as Senior Valuation Engineer
  • Muhammad Iskandar as Valuation Engineer
  • Rudy U Karasin as Senior Valuation Engineer

  • Our teams of consultants specialising in financial institution risk management will depend on the kind of review required, but in the majority of cases the consultant team we use is from the Business Reform and Reconstruction Corporation, Jakarta, a prestigious and well-known consulting company within the financial industry.

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